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                         Biomedical Approach

Noticing such dramatic improvements behaviorally in Tristan after changing his
diet, we decided to research and focus on a biomedical approach and determine
if there were other things that might be beneficial for Tristan. We located a
doctor experienced with this approach while attending a Defeat
Autism Now! Conference, and under his supervision, began
by completing a battery of tests to determine underlying issues specific to
Tristan's biochemistry.


    * Nutritional profile
    * Immune deficiency panel
    * Absorption capabilities
    * Comprehensive allergy testing
    * Yeast testing Organic Acid test


Under the direction of our physician we began to address each issue as was
indicated from his lab work. Tristan was deficient in an extensive number of
vitamins due to his body's inability to process and absorb these from his diet.
Supplementation was begun and closely monitored as it took using different
forms of some vitamins in order to find the type that his body could best absorb.

Some of the supplements that were specific to Tristan's needs were cod liver oil,
colostrum, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C, taurine, magnesium, calcium, melatonin
(to regulate sleep), glutathione, digestive enzymes, L-methionine, lauricidin,

Intestinal yeast overgrowth

An overgrowth of bad gut flora (yeast) was a huge obstacle for Tristan. When
yeast was at it highest (indicated by testing) Tristan's behaviors were at their
worst. We tried 6-7 different treatments over 2.5 years to rid his body of the
overgrowth and used probiotics to stabilize and maintain the proper balance of
flora within his intestines. (


Chelation is the process of removing heavy metal (toxins) out of the child's
system. There are several different methods of doing this but we chose to do
this with vitamin supplementation which would allow his own body to rid itself of
metals. New research was indicating that children with autism have problems
with the Methionine Transsulfuration process and that supplementing parts of this
process could be beneficial. We began to use transdermal lotions to supplement
glutathione, Methyl-B12, and TTFD which support the Methionine
Transsulfuration process that occurs between the liver and the brain and enables
his own body to rid toxins. Within weeks Tristan had huge improvements in
language. We have been using these for a year and half now and his progress
has been amazing. There is research that (Molecular Psychiatry, 2004) further
validates the positive responses we are observing in Tristan and the research is
continuing. We are excited to see what new changes these supplements will
have in the future.

Tristan's Biomedical Response

Tristan's response to the biomedical treatments has been dramatic. The above
treatments are those that he responded to well. We did try a few that did not
seem to make a difference at all, but the ones that did work made us thankful
that we had found that part of Tristan's particular puzzle.

We explored the biomedical options available in depth and evaluated which ones
seemed to match Tristan's issues and needs. We only began treatments
under the close supervision of a physician and re-evaluated treatments